Sharpstone Wooden Grinder
Sharpstone Wooden Grinder

Sharpstone Wooden Grinder


  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Diamond Teeth
  • Large Grinding Holes
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A large wooden grinder, with wider than average holes allowing for a fluffier grind, a large chamber to store all your ground tobacco.



Sharpstone grinders are a superior grinder that uses heavy-duty aluminum to easily grind down any consistency of herbs down to a fine powder. Sharpstone grinders are high quality and much more affordable than most grinders of this superior quality. They utilize durable materials with a long lifespan and are not easily damaged or broken, and also make cleaning and maintenance simple and easy. Sharpstone grinders can come with either a clear top or a crank grinder design depending on your preferences. They are constructed with 4 compartments – the grinding compartment, the pollen catcher, and the kief catcher. This design is best for its ability to capture kief and get more out of your grinder and the herb you consume. The extra sharp teeth increase the amount of kief that is produced and is just one of the many benefits of this well-crafted grinder. When buying a Sharpstone grinder, you can be sure that the price will be competitive without sacrificing any quality.


These grinders are known for how smoothly and frictionlessly the grinder operates, making grinding through very thick material easier than ever. This ease of use reduces strain on your wrists and makes every session effortless. Choosing a Sharpstone grinder is easy, as most of them do not differ by much from product to product. The main features to choose from with Sharpstone grinders include the colors, design, and additional features they may come with. You can choose from a few different colors that include black and army green. Some Sharpstone grinders include a hand crank at the top as well that reduces the effort needed to grind down herb to a fine powder even further. One of the other factors the modes different is how many pieces they come with. There are very simple models that only have two pieces with the razor-sharp teeth protruding from both. Other have additional compartments for collecting kief included. When surfing through the different types of Sharpstone grinders, keep in mind how many pieces you would like, what color you want, and also whether or not you would like it to include a hand crank or not.


Sharpstone grinders are a great purchase not only for their affordable price tag but also because of the superior quality they are built with. The fine teeth are made from heavy duty aircraft billet aluminum that is both durable and extremely sharp. It is constructed so that the surface area of the grinding area easily chews through any material as well as ensuring that as little material as possible is left behind caught between the teeth of the grinder. In addition, the pollen mesh screen is made of stainless steel which is extremely durable as well as easy to clean and keep looking like new. This strong mesh material makes it harder for holes to be poked through and give it a much harder and resilient build than most similar grinders. Grinders that are built with so much attention to detail and have such smooth and enjoyable usage do not usually come at such a great price, making these grinders an excellent choice for your wallet as well as the added benefit of adding a unique piece to your collection.

Weight16 kg
Dimensions2.48 × 2.48 × 2.36 cm



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